Wk 1- Art Experience- Landscape with a Corpse



Corpse Close Up


The project overall was interesting, I never thought about the different ways I would depart from this world. At first I though coming up with an idea was going to be challenging, but it was actually pretty easy. I wanted to keep it simple, but I knew that using a prop would help. Since I don’t smoke I actually had to ask someone for a cigarette to use therefore taking the photos and posing was fast and quick. I didn’t really plan out how the photos were going to look because I had a limited amount of time, I just hoped for the best and I think the photos turned out great. In the first picture, it is a full shot of my corpse, you can’t really see how I passed, all you can tell is that I am dead. In the second photo, it’s a close up of the corpse and you can clearly see that I have passed due to smoking. Photography is my favorite hobby so I am usually not the subject in the photos, I usually take them and this was a nice project to experience being the model. I definitely had a fun time with this project.


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