Wk 3- Art Experience- Snapchat

Once I heard this weeks project was going to involve Snapchat, I knew I was going to enjoy it! I love Snapchat, but I’ve never really drew a lot of pictures or designs with the app. For my drawings, I used a paining from one of the art galleries and just went with what first popped in my head. I ended up putting my own design on top of the art piece. For my other one I drew flowers near a tree that was in the courtyard. I just drew the first thing I thought of when I saw the tree. It was kind if hard to draw with just your finger on a small phone screen, but I think they turned out pretty good. Some of the snaps I saved were from Cheryl Peng, she used a mix of drawing and emoji’s in her picture. She used the shirt, pants, shoes, and sunglasses emoji, then drew hair on our Professor. Another snap I saved was from Katherine Shinno. She drew also did a mix of drawing and emoji’s. Using the panda and crown emoji and then drawing the panda body. I think that in a way the snapchat drawings we are making are our own type of art because we have to think creatively on what we want to draw. It’s interesting to think in more depth of a snapchat drawing, instead of just drawing for fun it’s also a way of art. Overall, this Snapchat project was fun and I enjoyed it. I think I’m going to draw more designs and pictures on my Snapchat in the future.





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