Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Cheryl Peng

For the classmate conversation this week I met Cheryl Peng . This is her first year at CSULB as a communications major. Her goal for the future is to become an event planner. Cheryl lives on campus at the Parkside dorms, but she grew up in Hacienda Heights. Some of her hobbies are hanging out with friends, hiking, and being adventurous. One adventurous example is going to amusement parks; Disneyland is her favorite. In her free time, she likes to sleep and eat junk food. Her favorite funk food is the flaming munchies and her favorite food is burgers and fries. Cheryl is taking Art 110, not just because it’s a GE requirement, but it would be a fun and great way to express herself through art. Finally, an interesting fact about Cheryl is that she likes Claymations, one example of that is the movie Coraline.



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