Wk 4- Classmate Conversation- Megan Stevens

This week I met Megan Stevens. She is a first year at CSULB, who originally majored in nursing, but switched to a psychology major. She has three brothers, but doesn’t get babied because she is seen as “one of the guys.” She loves both cats and dogs, her favorites are pugs, beagle dachshund, and grey cats. She has played many instruments such as the clarinet, the cello, and the piano. In high school she tried marching bad, but didn’t end up liking it and chose water polo and swimming instead. She has traveled to many places, but her favorite one is Seattle because she gets to spend time with her dad that lives there. Some of her favorite things about Seattle is going to the space needle and the gloomy weather. She has grown up on seafood, therefore her favorite place to eat is Boiling Crab. In her free time, Megan likes to watch her favorite Netflix series, Orange is the New Black and listen to Mac Miller. Her favorite type of art is music. She listens to all types, except for country. Megan decided to take this class because it seemed like a fun GE and it was a good way to learn about art.



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