Wk 4- Art Experience- Graffiti Writing

This week we got the chance to go to the beach again, so of course I went. I don’t remember ever going Venice Beach before, so as a first time this experience was one I would never forget. I have also never spray pained anything so that was also a nice experience. I went around Saturaday afternoon and the weather was very gloomy, which I loved. When I got to the wall, I did imagine it bigger but some of the art work was amazing that it was hard to find a spot that I wanted to write my name. As I was writing my name in blue paint, it was super runny. I figured out that I needed to not spray as close, but once I tried to outline my name in white it covered up the blue. Overall this art project was fun, but it was kind of difficult because my name didn’t turn out that legible. I found spray painting fun after this, but I don’t think I will do it again because I am not really good at drawing. After finishing my graffiti art, I walked along all the shops and saw people selling their own art work, of all mediums which was very interesting to look at. Venice beach itself is beautiful, so to end the day I walked along the pier. I liked this art project a lot, because I not only got to do some graffiti art I also got to explore Venice.


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