Wk 5- Art Experience- Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

I love all kinds of food, and trying new things so I was an easy choice to pick cuisine for this week’s project. Since I live in the dorms, there isn’t a lot of options available to cook or bake something. I went into this Japanese store at the mall and they had a candy-based create your own sushi or ice cream. I decided to try the sushi one for this project because you only need water and it was in a way creating my own “art.” Once I opened the package it was kind of confusing because the directions were in Japanese, so I only had the picture to guide me. Most of it was adding the correct amount of water and then mixing the colored-coded bags in the right section and then mixing it. I first made the “rice” and then the yellow and red “fish,” The last sushi was the hardest because I had to roll out the “seaweed” and make little balls one by one to make the top part of the sushi. Putting them together and looking at my creation was the best part because they did turn out to look like sushi. Although the taste of them wasn’t the best, I enjoyed making them. Whenever I saw it in the storeI always wanted to try it and I thought this was the perfect chance.



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