Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Krystal Ramirez

Artist: Krystal Ramirez

Exhibition: Fuse

Media: Metals

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No website

Instagram: kreestol

Krystal Ramirez Huntington Beach is an undergraduate at CSULB. Her major is 3-D media with a focus on metals. With a drawing and painting background she was able to come up with interesting and beautiful art pieces made of different types of metals. She focuses on a lot of movement and linear forms. Working with metals is her inspiration, making things functional, and sculpture work. Krystal was first interested in metal when she was in the arts program in high school when she took a jewelry class. Before the class she was only into 2-D art, she didn’t really like 3-D, but after this class it opened her eyes to other things. She fell in love with it and working with 3-D art. After graduating, if it doesn’t work out for her in this field she is considering constructional design, with a continued focus on metals. Her dream job would be if a restaurant or bar asked her to make any type of industrial design, such as sliver wear, specifically for their company.


The art piece above is the one that instantly caught my eye out of her other pieces. The first thought when I looked at it was that it’s beautiful. It looks so delicate, yet sturdy since it’s made of metal. There is a lot of movement within the necklace and I like that it’s not symmetrical on both sides, it can kind of bring on it’s own shape that it wants. Looking at the designs, to me it looks like branches, but the longer I look at it I’m not sure what design it actually it. I like the color and the look. I think it caught my eye the most over the others because it’s something that I could see myself wearing for a formal event or something.

For one of her projects she had to pick a song and make something that’s inspired by it. Krystal picked a Brazilian song, with her drawing and painting background she was able to create figures of females dancing. Her piece has a lot of movement and if you look closely you can see small silhouettes of females dancing, but it is all up to the viewer’s interpretation of what’s there. The process of her piece started with a sheet of brass. With the sheet you can do whatever you want with it, cut it or even heat it to stretch the form. With the different ways you can work with the metal sheet it can be transformed into 2-D or 3-D art.

I really liked all of Krystal’s pieces she made. She had a few of them that were stuff for the kitchen, such as the ladle and the salt and pepper shakers. I never really thought in depth that people actually created and designed them. All her pieces I can see them as something I would have in my house. It’s amazing how something so simple as metal can be used in many different ways, shapes, and forms.

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