Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Katherine Shinno

This week I met Katherine Shinno who is a first year at CSULB and studying Communications. Her favorite class so far at CSULB has been communications 130, she not only liked her professor Spencer, but also learned valuable skills that she can apply to her life. She plans on minoring in either marketing or public relations; as her dream job is to work for the Walt Disney Company within their marketing or merchandise field. Katherine is from South Pasadena and has an older sister. Her friend took this class a few years ago and talked about the different projects, so she decided to take this class because it sounded like a unique and fun way to express art other than the usual painting and drawing. In today’s gallery she liked the work of Krystal Ramirez. All of her pieces were stuff Katherine would have in her house, but her favorite one was the brass necklace. Her favorite form of art is music. Katherine listens to everything, but some of her preferences include alternative and EDM. Her favorite artists are Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. She has also been to both a One Direction and Taylor Swift concert. Some interesting facts about Katherine are, her favorite season is Spring, her go to snack is French fries, and she likes pastel colors such as; lavender, light pink and light teal. She was very close to her aunt, if she had to pick someone to have dinner with that was no longer living, she’d choose her aunt. Katherine’s aunt was funny, someone that she was able to tell her anything, and became more comfortable talking to her. She would tell her about what she has missed, from fun memories to starting college. One of Katherine’s fun facts is her celebrity crush is Dylan O’Brien.



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