Wk 6- Art Experience- Photowalk

For this weeks project I went on a photo walk, with tour guide, Crysta Tim. I choose her because most of the others were going to the Pyramid and the Japanese Gardens, while Crysta focused on the recreation sights. Her stops were different from everyone else, plus I have only been to the bottom of the USU once so I thought it would be fun to see things I didn’t know were there. As we were on the way to the tents across from the bookstore, I took a picture of some of the clothes that people were selling as well as some sunglasses. I normally don’t stop and look at the clothes they set up, I’ve only looked maybe, once or twice; so I took a picture of the clothes because it’s something I wouldn’t really pay attention too and the sunglasses looked cool with the lighting and reflection. On the way to the USU we walked through the eating area, I noticed this fountain that I never knew was there, so I decided to take a picture of it with a pretty orange flower. Once we got into the USU I tried to take some artsy pictures of a pool table, the bowling lanes, and a fooseball table. We then walked to Brotman Hall for the end of the tour where I took my last picture. This project was fun, I liked that it was different and we got to explore the campus a bit.



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