Wk 7- Art Experience- Group Video Project

For this project, it was really fun. When we were given the assignment I thought coming up with an idea was going to be easy because we weren’t given any specific directions for the video, but it turned out to be kind of hard to think of an idea. My two friends Cheryl and Katherine decided to make a Yoga workout video. We tried to make it like how YouTube do blogs. We each taught and showed one pose that anyone can do to relieve stress after a long day. We shot the video on Saturday morning at Katherine sister’s apartment outside. There was a nice nature feeling so we thought it was good to film there. The filming process took only a few takes, but overall it was really fun. Editing took the most time, and we decided to add background music so it wasn’t just us talking. The project was super fun and I think the end result was fun!

Our Video:



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