Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Lauren Williams

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramics, rock clay, and cement

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: mrswdubbayoo

Instagram: andreawilliammms

Andrea Lauren Williams is an undergraduate student at CSULB who is expecting to graduate this semester. She is part of the School of Art program with an emphasis in ceramics. She was born and raised in Riverside where she commutes everyday. It wasn’t until her 20’s until she took interest in ceramics, with her exhibit she decided to call it sacrifice because it explores the parallels in faith, motherhood and work. Art and music has been in her family since she was little and her parents wanted her to explore it. Most of her time is being spend as a mom. She loves animals, as she has dogs, pigs, and chickens. A fun fact is that she has played the drums since she was 12 and misses playing at the shows.

All of her art work involves the same ideas and shape. When I first saw her pieces I knew that religion was a big part of her work. They were all beautiful pieces that I could picture on the outside of a church. They all have a woman in it and explored the woman body. I think that it showed how powerful woman are. As the texture, it was very rough, but there is a lot of detail within the texture. For the colors they are all the same. She mostly used beige, brown and red for the outline. The materials of rock clay is very visible. The different objects at the bottom of the art piece I didn’t really understand what they were, but I knew it had to do something with the picture.

All of Andrea’s work explores a lot of religion and the sacrifice of woman and her body. She chose the body as her subjects because at times it tends to go unnoticed. The use of her subject matter and making it fit in a contemporary art was challenging to do. As religions was always a big part of her when she was young, she focuses on Christianity with Crist and Mary. If she had to describe her exhibit she would say it was religious with a twist. She focuses on texture. She uses some power tools, but mostly everything is handmade. She keeps her finger and hand prints in her work so every aspect has her hand in it. When people look at her work she wants them to question religion and what is art, such as is it theory based, or what subjects are off limits and why?

I never would have thought that religion could be turned into art. I think that she did something totally different than what is considered the usual art. Religion is a subject that I would think would be off limits because it’s a subject that is very controversial. However, I did find her pieces beautiful to look at and I think that it explores a lot of topics that are normally not really given a lot of attention too, which I think is great. Her exhibit realized that its important to talk about controversial things.



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