Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Margarita Reyna

This week I met Margarita Reyna  who is a sophomore at CSULB, studying pre-criminal justice. She chose this major because she lives in the south central area in Long Beach and she see’s a lot of robbery and theft. She lives in a community of color and she wants to help them out and guide them to a difference place. In her free time, she enjoys working out, as she needs to prepare for her physical exam. She also likes traveling to Mexico whenever she gets the chance. The longest she’s visited is three months where she loves going to the beach because the culture is different. At first she took this class because it was a GE but, she likes the fact that it helps her become less shy since she gets to meet new people. Her favorite type of art is makeup and the evolution of it over time. Now the makeup industry creates really detailed pieces of art. Her favorite brand of make up is Makeup Forever. Some fun facts about Margarita are her favorite colors are black and white, her favorite food is pizza and she enjoys spending time with her mother and sister.




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