Wk 8- Artist Conversation- Almira M. Nikravesh

Artist: Almira M. Nikravesh

Exhibition: Farsh

Media: Hydrocal, MDF

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No website

Instagram: almanikravesh

From Iran, Almira Nikravesh is an undergraduate student in the CSULB School of Art. She is anticipated to graduate this semester as a Sculpture major. The fact that the sculpture program doesn’t restrict artist by materials because they are able to work with any medium is what intrigued Almira to pursue sculpture as her form of art. She feels free and gets to have more options and choices of what she wants to do, and she loves that there are no restrictions. In her free time she enjoys weight lifting because it keeps her in shape for all the heavy lifting  of materials she has to do. For her exhibit, her inspiration was her own life experiences, it represents something that has been in her family for years.

When I first saw her gallery, I was surprised how small it was. It only had a small square rug in the middle with numerous pairs of feet surrounding it. The material of the feet looked like it was made from plaster. I could have only imagined how long it took each one, as they all look similar. Yet the feet have a lot of detail in them, you can see the small crests that make up each toe, to the toenail itself. Then for the rug, it had a lot of detail and patterns within it. Even thought the patterns were hard to distinguish due to the color you can tell how much work was put in to recreating it. For the material, I wasn’t sure what it was, it kinda looked like a huge stamp.

Almira’s idea for the two pieces was to represent a carpet that her father brought home to her family one day. This carpet wasn’t just any old carpet because it was made out of silk, were people would spend ours upon ours of work weaving them. Ever since they have gotten that carpet, it has become an investment in the family and for 22 years her family would move around the carpet in order for it to keep its beauty. That is why the carpet is in the middle and there are 91 paris of feet surrounding it. It became an unspoken rule to not step on it. Almira made a computerized C and C of the carpet with the material MDF, and all the pairs of feet are her own made of cement based plaster.

After looking at the feet and carpet, talking to the artist, and reading her statement, I fully understood her idea of the exhibit. What I got from her work is how big of an impact a single object can have. I liked that the carpet had a much deeper meaning and how the feet represent her and her family looking out for where they were walking in order to maintain a carpet’s beauty. The message is powerful and it applies to my life because it puts into perspective how valuable some things are, whether its big or small.


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