Patricia Sun

Hi my name is Patricia Sun and I live on the beach in the great California where I am a lifeguard. One day I went out on my boat into the ocean and all of a sudden I saw this far away island that I’ve never seen before so I went to go check it out. When I got there I was looking at the new world of Moonbase Alpha. This new place was where cars can float, and everything is electronic or digital. It was huge, everything was white except for the grass and cement street and sidewalks. When I got there we were able to become whoever we wanted, so I chose to become a superhero called Alpha Hero because I wanted to save people in a better way. My superpower includes flying, strength and super speed. On my first day walking around my new home, I knew I was going to love it there. There was everything you could imagine all on this huge island. All I knew was, I couldn’t wait to stay at Moonbase Alpha, where I am able to help people who are in danger.


Don’t forget to check out some of my friends I’ve made below:

He is one of the coolest robots you will ever meet. I see him all the time at this coffee shop I go to every week.

Chip 2000

This is one of the nicest giraffes I have ever met, but be careful around him because he will eat everything!!


I just meet them the other day and we only briefly talked, but they seemed like an awesome person.


Everyone has to meet this sweet creature, but hurry soon because they aren’t staying on Moonrise Alpha for long.

Royal Moby

Lastly, this dude who lives across the street from me, but keep a close eye on him when he’s around. I’ve heard he likes to steal.


Mr. Spacey


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