Wk 10- Art Experience- Instagram

This week our art experience was Instagram, I like this project because I never though that something I go on everyday can be looked at as art. In a way it brings people together because you get to see what other people are doing through their day. I posted 4 photos that are basically what I usually do every Thursday. My first post was of campus while walking to Art, then after art I go back to my dorm and just hangout there. Therefore my second post was in my dorm watching Netflix. My third post was of the sky and some palm trees, as I was hanging outside in Long Beach and then my final post was of my dinner which was Buffalo Wild Wings. Looking at everyone else’s post, you can see everyone is doing the same things. For example, photos of the campus, food, hanging out with their friends, and places they go. I think it’s cool to see all the different things people do.

Two of my four pictures:

While looking at all the pictures, I found these two interesting. I like the colors and angle of the first picture and the second one it looks very appetizing.



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