Wk 10- Classmate Conversation- Kyu Lee

This week I meet Kyu Lee, a senior at CSULB who is graduating this year. Moving from Korea at the age of 13, she is now living in Torrance and transferred to Long Beach State. She is majoring in technical theater where she works with lighting and sound. Kyu decided to chose this major because she has always enjoyed hands-on activities, loves colors and music. She loves going to a lot of concerts and her field worked with a lot of colors and involves mostly hands-on, so it was the perfect fit. She loves music, especially old pop which is music from 2000 and before, as well as Christian music and the radio. In her free time, she mostly sleeps whenever she can or reads. Although she recently took an interest in writing notes about her daily life and her goals. She decided to take this class because it was a GE, but likes that it’s different from other classes. She loves how each week we expect something different. Some interesting facts about Kyu is that she has about 10 pairs of running shoes because she likes them so much, loves eating all kinds of Korean food, and wants a Husky in the future.





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