Wk 11- Art Experience- Turning Pages

For this week’s project, I liked that it was a change from our usual Thursdays. We first went to the library, picked out a children’s book and went down to the Computer Lab area to read it. I haven’t been to the library a lot, but I did notice that the most crowded area was the Starbucks when we walked in and the computer lab. Most people use the Library to go on the computer, study, or grab a drink. However not a lot of people were checking out or reading books. This was also similar when we went to the Bookstore. I went to the CSULB Clothing, the computer center, and the guitar section. I never really noticed how the books are all the way in the back of the store, as the clothing section takes up more than half of the right side. The book section is small compared to the different sections they have at the Bookstore, such as all upstairs. Overall both experiences were different, in a sense that I was more focused on taking pictures in the Bookstore, as opposed to more focused on doing what I was suppose to do in the Library. Although I did observe the same things in both places.

I think most ephemeral experiences are documented with memory and experiences. With Turning Pages, even though I’ve been to the Bookstore multiple times, each time isn’t the same. With memory we capture and remember certain things or parts of the experience, in forms of words or pictures. I don’t think that the style of words or images matter, because not only does it vary on the person who sees and interprets the picture differently, but all photos are similar in a way that they capture an event that you can keep forever. It’s something that when you look at it, you start to remember the other things that happened during that even or on that day. I don’t think the act of documenting an experience takes out of it because the purpose of documenting is to remember that experience forever.


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