Wk 12- Art Experience- Game Design

This week’s art experience was Geocaching. Finding a cache, I thought was pretty hard, because we would be at the spot the coordinates say, yet it took a long time to find. I looked at two different locations before I was able to find one. The cache I found was off campus, it was hidden under a lamppost. Although, finding one took a while, once I found one I was super excited. Creating and hiding a cache was fun, I added many different random things in mine; such as a paperclip, rubber bands, stickers, and a coin.

It didn’t make me think differently about places, I was just surprised how many people go out and look for cache everywhere. It was interesting to know how many caches are hidden everywhere around us and no one knows about them unless you have the app. Therefore, I think although people have a GPS on their phones, I believe they are still considered muggles because people need the app in order to see and locate the caches around them.

Coordinates of my cache:  N 33.47’11’ ; W 118.7’15’

Hint: Look inside



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