Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Print Studio

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: None

Jennifer Chen is attending her last year in getting her masters the CSULB School of Arts program. She was studying biology as an undergrad, but then switched majors to be more helpful to reflect and talk about different ideas with people in the arts. Most of her work focuses on making digital printing. Her exhibit is named after the disturbance of urban scape in landscape and how the place changes. She merges both her academic expertise of art and science in her work. After graduation she is going to be teaching a class at CSULB next semester.

When I first saw her work I was amazed because they were so detailed, it looked like a photograph, yet I could tell it was a painting. All her works were rural landscapes. I liked how much detail was put into the paintings because you could make out every detail, from the different buildings to the trees and lanes on the highway. If you look close at the paintings, you can see the texture of the different strokes. The art work is colorful in a sense of the colors being not bright, but exactly what the world would look like as a landscape.

Jennifer goes through a long process until she reaches her final pieces for her exhibit. All the landscapes are monumental, and they are all different from one another. She plays with the ideas of painting and photography. She added gloss to give them a 3-D quality and used Photoshop for stenciling. Although the camera is just used as a toll for capturing images, it’s an important part of her art work. The large pieces are done in four sections, one for each color and it takes her about a week to complete all the details on Photoshop. She magnifies the pieces in the pictures that people don’t notice in everyday life.

I’ve always admired paintings that looked like a photograph because I thought it was amazing how good of a painting the artist did on the piece. I enjoyed looking at Jennifer’s work. I liked her idea of making something so ordinary, like the landscape and creating it into a different kind of art. Her idea of putting more emphasis on the things people don’t usually look at everyday is an idea that can be for anything. It has shown me that it’s important to appreciate the small things, that people are usually unaware of.


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