Wk 13- Art Experience- Art Care Package


For this weeks project we created an Art Care Package, and we had to send a box or envelope filled with ephemeras to send to one of our classmates. Creating the ACP was interesting because I’ve never made a care package before. However, I didn’t know what to put in it. In the end it had a candy, a sticker, a hand wipe from Buffalo Wild Wings, a perfume sample from Victoria’s Secret, a penny, and a tag from a stuffed animal.

I think sending someone a ACP similar to Snapchat in a way that you’re sending something just for them, that no one else sees. You can also in a way save both types of things you get, such as taking a screenshot of the photo or keeping the items you send. It’s different in a way that not only is Snapchat faster, but it’s a photo, not an actually item like in a care package.

I think that ephemeras can be precious depending on that the item is. I think certain items gain value over time, such as jewelry or and old coin. However, an old parking ticket doesn’t really mean anything, as it’s not something with as much value as something that isn’t around anymore, such as concert tickets from Woodstock.

I think that it depends on the person if they see art differently from a museum of art to sending an ACP. People might believe that art at a museum is considered art, then an item sent in an ACP such as a receipt. I don’t think the time difference makes a difference because the person is still receiving a meaningful message. Fast is better just because you can send many Snapchat’s back and forth thought out the day, and with slow it can take months to send that amount. I think that sending ACP can be “sent with love” more than Snapchat’s because usually people just take a picture of anything without much thought into, whereas for an ACP you can put more thought into the items you’re putting into the package.



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