Wk 15- Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibit: As The Crow Flies

Media: Print Making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Instagram: None

Website: None

Nancy Young is in the CSULB School of Arts print making program. Graduating this semester, her exhibit is her final one. She decided to go into print making when she took a class and she found it exciting how there is many different processes and directions this medium can take her. Her exhibit represents herself on a personal level, as it is a bookmark in her life. She is finally able to complete school after such a long time. She likes that print making isn’t just one thing, there are numerous types and it fascinates her. In her free time, Nancy likes to listen to music and hangout with her dog. She loves dogs, she even wants another one. She isn’t looking to making art as her living, as she has a stable job but her fine art degree helps her be creative.

Looking at all her works, they look like sketches, but looking through all her pictures they were really interesting. They all had the same idea of a crow and trees. I liked that they are also all in black and white, they give the art work a more of a dark and mysterious tone. All the photos are framed, and they all look so simple, but because of this the pictures really stand out. I also liked that one wall was filled with the different types of print making with the definitions. It was different than other art galleries because we were able to read more background information about this type of medium.

Nancy worked with multiple types of print making, some are called relief, intaglio, and photopolymer. She decided to title her exhibit “As The Crow Flies” because it represents the places she has been. She takes her own photos for inspiration. The pictures are placed based on the distance from CSULB. Some of the pictures include Santa Ana, Irvine, LB, Angles Gate, and Santa Monica. Which is where she would stop off and print out her photos and get tips from other people. Her work deals with her dog and personal issues such as grief, with the loss of her husband. Working on this project has brought up many awareness through out her life. The finishing of her last show is a bookmark for her, as it had taken her so long to finish school, due to being on academic probation because of being bipolar and for substance abuse.

Overall, Nancy’s work was very interesting. She gave us a lot of background information about how the different types of print making are used. I liked that even though Nancy has been through a lot with her loss and it taking so long to get her degree after, she doesn’t give up. She pushed through it and she has made it to her final show and is able to graduate. This has inspired me to not give up, even if something happens to push it back.





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